Henry VII’s lavish gift to his daughter….

Oh dear, how very Henry VII. I’ve just read in this link that because the leek was the emblem of the Welsh, on one St David’s Day he presented a leek to his daughter. A real leek, that is, not one studded with precious stones. Talk about a cheap gift! I’m sure she was thrilled. It’s every girl’s dream to be given a leek! Did she keep it under her pillow?

And I’ll bet it came from someone else’s land. Henry didn’t give anything away, unless it wasn’t his to start with. Ha!

What a splendid role model he was for Scrooge!

This is NOT a dig at the Welsh, by the way. Far from it, because I hail from that proud land. But Henry VII is always fair game for those of us who believe the wrong man won at Bosworth!


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