Edward of Warwick, a “pretender” to Henry VII’s throne? Well, REALLY Mr Amin….!


Oh dear, Nathen Amin wants us to fork out £10 to listen to him lecturing that poor old Henry VII was beset by wicked imposters and pretenders? I think not. Not even 10p! Especially as poor Edward, Earl of Warwick didn’t pretend to be anything at all, he was imprisoned as a child and then executed when older and Tudor’s dodgy conscience permitted it. If you have £10 to throw away, here’s where to go here

Now, if it was £10 to hear how evil Henry Tudor invaded with a foreign army and killed Richard III through treachery….that would be more like it. I’m delighted the Tudor usurper was hounded by Yorkist unrest. He deserved every minute of it.

So on yer bike, Mr Amin!

PS: I see the blurb mentions Tudor Pretenders. Take that how you will. 🙄


  1. So Nathen Amin is here again with his twisted ideas and love of Henry Tudor. I wouldn’t pay him a penny to listen to anything he had to say, my blood pressure couldn’t take it. I do wonder if he’s ever done any proper research, as what he has to say would tell me he hasnt.

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    1. Such good points. I tried to listen to a podcast ivu & gave up. His lack of formal education was striking. I doubt he knows how to do proper research.


  2. Yes, he was a ‘pretender’ in the sense that he had ‘pretensions,’ or a claim to a throne. By that definition, all of England’s kings in the 15th century, except for Henry V, were ‘pretenders’ at one time or another.
    (I thought I posted this yesterday, but it obviously did not go through. Must be the weather.)


  3. Agreed, halfwit36, but in this context my usual interpretation of “pretender” is that of someone making out to be something he/she may or may not be. There is a questionmark over their credentials. I do think Mr Amin should specify the difference between Warwick and the other two. Warwick was who he said he was, and therefore a claimant, although I don’t think he ever saw himself in that latter light i.e. making a bid for the throne. As it is, Warbeck, Simnel and the earl are lumped together under the same heading. I’m inclined to regard a pretender as being rather different from a claimant (who can prove his/her identity), with an imposter being a different animal again.


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