Margaret Beaufort was so hard-done-by, and she was such an angel of righteousness….

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What crud! This article  claims that Margaret Beaufort “almost died at the hands of Richard III”?

Eh? Richard didn’t once threaten her life, nor would he, he was too soft where women were concerned. He was a man of principal, with values completely beyond anyone remotely Tudor. Murdering/executing women was a Tudor invention, to which they always resorted with great relish.

Nor was Margaret Beaufort the mother of the Tudors. Elizabeth Woodville had some input as well by providing Elizabeth of York, without whom Henry VII couldn’t have reigned! He wouldn’t have lasted beyond a few months if he’d tried to wriggle out of his vow to unite York and Lancaster through such a union. But you can bet he did try, because he didn’t like having to do something.

The necessity for a Yorkist marriage must have curdled Margaret’s stomach contents (I sincerely hope so, anyway!) and probably gave Henry VII the wonky, chewing-wasps expression that is known so well to history. And to think he had the gall to invent awful things about Richard III’s appearance! Do you think he ever saw his own reflection?

So bah, humbug to poor, victimised Margaret Beaufort, her offspring and her modern lickspittles!


  1. Richard did put her in the charge of her husband, Lord Stanley,which was a pretty severe punishment. Apparently he stopped her subscription to Vogue and cancelled her Netflix account. And she had to live in Lancashire.

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