Henry VII was a saint….?

One of the kinder portraits of Henry VII – you should see some of the others! (See below)

Now, if you read this claptrap  you’ll learn that saintly Henry VII, on his brilliant ownio, decided that ” . . . rather than adopting the costly and aggressive strategy of invasion and war favoured by some of his predecessors  . . . used dynastic royal marriages to make alliances in Europe . . . ” Well, give the man a halo.

So . . . no previous monarch had arranged foreign matches? Well, I’m sure that most of them would be surprised to learn their foreign queens were really English imposters! What a clever boy that Tudor was, to think of this brilliant, peaceful solution all by himself. The man was a true genius.

There’s a small and rather obvious problem, however. Henry was only on the throne because he invaded England with a foreign army and, with the help of traitors, killed the rightful king, Richard III. I don’t see much peacefulness in this. Richard didn’t die in the heat of battle, he was murdered in cold blood by men who had sworn allegiance to him. No wonder Henry had to appoint bodyguards for himself! Who knew how many such would-be “traitors” there were among his own men? Even a saint had to keep glancing over his shoulder.

Well, as ye sow, so shall ye reap, right? I’m pleased to know that throughout his reign he was to be plagued by Yorkists wanting to turf him off his stolen throne.

And, strangely, this article also states “In 1487, Yorkist troops led by a boy, Lambert Simnel, who claimed to be the Earl of Warwick invaded England . . . “ Ah, so the naughty Yorkists were invaders, but Henry hadn’t been? As for Lambert Simnel leading this invasion, well, he was a figurehead, but certainly couldn’t have actually led anything. He was a child!

Oh, I have other niggling points to raise in this, but will leave you to spot them yourselves. Clearly the author is a Tudor fan, able to ignore the fact that Henry was a vindictive skinflint who murdered anyone connected wth the White Rose, and bled his country dry in order to fill his own coffers. The only thing for which I can praise his obnoxious son Henry VIII is that he enjoyed a life of Riley on the proceeds. I’ll bet old Henry the Miser was spinning in his lavish tomb! I certainly hope so.

This is more like the REAL Henry VII



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