Richard III’s claims about Edward V’s bastardy had “traction”….

by Yorkistgirl at

Here’s a link to an interesting article about the bastardy of Edward V, and the reception of Richard’s claims concerning it. Specifically with regard to the IPM of Hastings. You can download the full PDF.

And as a ‘taster’:- “….Richard’s claim that Edward V was a bastard did have traction in the localities after the passing of Titulus Regis in January 1484….”

Not that the entire article is pro-Richard.


  1. Sadly I see no reference here relating to the legality of a summary trial and execution for treason by Richard in his office as High Constable, which I published in detail in 2015 in my book ‘Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector and High Constable of England’. Many Ricardians have described my book as one of the most important revelations on Richard in recent years, yet the society that bears his name clearly feels no need to bring it to general attention that his actions were NOT illegal. My findings in respect of this execution under the powers of the High Constable were published as long ago as 2008, and supported by my research in that 2015 book … and also echoed by Anne Sutton in a subsequent academic paper. My aim is not to sell books, everything I research and write about Richard III is aimed at unearthing the truth. The aforementioned society has ceased to share that aim.


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