Henry V: one of the most influential kings of England….

“…Henry IV [Bolingbroke, as Duke of Lancaster] returned to England and became swept up in the Lancastrian campaign to unseat Richard…”

Come on, Henry IV was the Lancastrian campaign! He certainly wasn’t an innocent bystander who was swept along in the stampede. You’ll never convince me he didn’t return to England intent upon getting rid of Richard II and then stealing the crown. He was the just first thieving Lancastrian Henry to take the life and usurp the throne of a lawful king named Richard.

Still, this article is about his more palatable son, Henry V, and is interesting if not hugely detailed. Or accurate!

And I’ve lost count of the number of kings whose reigns were among the “most influential”. It must be a heck of a crush at the top of that particular list. But yes, Agincourt was indeed of huge importance, but let’s face it, Henry V bequeathed us Henry VI... Need anything else be said?

Here is another article about Henry V, and it is from this second link that I’ve taken the illustration above. It makes a refreshing change from the usual portrait below, even if it is probably inspired by it.

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