Did Anne Boleyn plot Henry VIII’s death….?

from the article indicated below

I have to confess that I’m not sure about the headline of  this article. Just what royal row can be spoken of in the present tense is a puzzle. What does it matter to our present royals if Anne Boleyn had Henry VIII‘s demise in mind. If she did, she failed. The horrible lump lived on to cause more misery before eventually turning up his rotten toes. Well, he wasn’t a horrible lump in Anne’s time, of course. He was simply a nasty piece of work where women were concerned. The Church got on the wrong side of him too! One simply did not thwart Henry VIII.

But I have to say that if Anne wanted rid of him, I’m on her side. I think most women would have liked to see the back of him! And not because he’d just turned over in bed!

The man really was a monster, and the fact that it may have been the result of a head injury doesn’t alter the fact that he was (or became) a monster. It simply means there may have been a real physical reason for it. We can’t forgive serial killers because they have a screw loose! Do we pat them on the head and say, “There, there. Just be a good boy from now on.” And then let them go free? No, we lock them up where they can’t do any more harm. Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone around with the clout to lock Henry up and then mislay the key.

I really wish his brother Arthur had survived…but then we don’t know what the heck he’d have been like either. What with those two, their odious father Henry VII, and then Edward, Mary and Elizabeth… What a crowd. Well, OK, I’ll let Elizabeth off the hook. She did her best.

The rest were all pants, as the modern phrase puts it so quaintly.


  1. It wasn’t just the headline of that article that was silly; the entire article was pointless (I am referring to the original article linked above, not vicountessw’s post on murreyandblue).

    The clickbait headline leads you to believe that there is some new information regarding the execution of Anne Boleyn….and then you find out at that very end of the article that they’re simply referring to a well-known conversation between Anne Boleyn and Henry Norris and there is no actual debate or new information.

    I am officially annoyed with the reporter who wrote that article. Clickbait is vile (Henry VII probably invented it).

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  2. She was vulnerable without the king beside her, the plot to conspire to kill him was because that was treason, the charge of adultery wasn’t enough to kill her as yet, but throw in a charge of treason and incest to, which would make her out look sexually out of control would make people look on her with revulsion, and garner more pity for the king, the treason charge of plotting to kill Henry V111 was enough to send her to the block, but they had to blacken her name to, she was beheaded on false charges and her name besmirched with a dreadful scandal.


  3. Yes, but the fact remains that he dumped her, thus throwing her to the wolves. So he wasn’t her friend. He’d become fed up with her, she hadn’t given him a son, and he wanted to try elsewhere. In my eyes that makes him far less than a friend. I don’t argue with your assessment of Anne, but she did play a dangerous game from the outset. As ye sow, so shall ye also reap. She had his extremely callous treatment of Catherine of Aragon unfolding in front of her. The warning signs were flashing the brightest of neon reds.


    1. The trouble was Anne must have thought that the king would never forsake her as he was so besotted with her, we have to remember he chased her for about a year then pledged to marry her, they both waited seven long years for the pope to declare him free to marry Anne, in the end she fell pregnant and they got married in a secret ceremony, it was not legal as the pope hadn’t allowed Henry V111 the dispensation and in the end he ruled in Katherines favour anyway, having been her slave for so long, Anne nor indeed anyone would ever have thought barely three years later he would have her executed, none of us can see into the future, but I agree with you that she did play a dangerous game, she involved herself in court politics and made an enemy of Cromwell, however the real reason for her downfall was because she failed to give the king a son, very very sad and tragic.


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