Berengaria of Navarre

Kingfinding (or consortfinding) is back, this time in France. The lady in question, however, was from Navarre and became queen to Richard I. Although he wasn’t in England much during his reign, due to his crusading activities, she did accompany him part of the way on occasion.

Here is a Guardian article, located by Robert S.P. Fripp, about her wandering tomb, which managed to survive the French Revolution. Tracing a mtDNA line from 1165 sounds like a real challenge.


By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. It seems that Berengaria and Richard did in fact meet once, years before their marriage, and writers have claimed that there was an attraction between them at that time. In 1190, Eleanor met Sancho in Pamplona and he hosted a banquet in the Royal Palace of Olite in her honour.


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