Stonehenge had something to say for itself….! (But not at Christmas, of course.)


From the link below

A year or so ago I watched a TV documentary about the theory of Stonehenge having once been used as much for its acoustics as anything else. The name of the programme escapes me now, but the presenters were allowed among the stones to set up all sorts of experiments and they did indeed coax the seemingly dead monument into audible life again. It was a very eerie sound.

I may be mistaken about the experiment being carried out actually on Salisbury Plain, but this aspect of Stonehenge has come to the fore again . Not at Stonehenge this time, but recreated in model form. You can hear the effect created by going to, but be warned, it does go on for half an hour!

Um, I wonder if it was used for Stone Age raves? Now there’s a thought!

šŸŽ„ Plus, it was well before Christmas carols….


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