A discovery in the attic at Oxburgh Hall….

Oxburgh Hall – from link below

Ah, how we all love to hope that one day some vital documents pertaining to Richard III will turn up…in an old, old chest in a long-forgotten corner of an undercroft…or at the top of an ivy-covered tower with a spiral staircase so dangerous it’s dodgy to even breathe near it! Or, as in this story Ancient Origins under attic floorboards during restoration. These finds at Oxburgh Hall don’t concern Richard, of course, but they so easily might have done. So there’s always hope.

The story of the discoveries at Oxburgh Hall is quite fascinating, and well worth reading. Just imagine if something truly important and history-changing about Richard had been found? His will? What really went on at Stony Stratford and after? His instructions concerning the safety of his nephews? His wishes for burial. His intentions for the succession in the event of his death at Bosworth? We don’t know his thoughts about any of these questions, and we so want to!

Fiction writers have mused upon what his wishes may have been. Elizabeth George wrote a short story called I, Richard. And Yours Truly wrote a very definitely fictional tale called The Strange Story of the Fetch of King Richard III.

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