Well, I had no idea the Ancient Egyptians were so ahead of their time….!

Well, the above reconstruction of Tutankhamun is a revelation, not only that he was so unlike his wonderful funeral mask, but also because….oh dear, you couldn’t make it up.

Here’s an extract from this article :-

“….What King Tut Really Looked Like….They conducted DNA studies and found out how frail the pharaoh was. He was tall, but he also suffered from an infected broken leg, malaria, and a bone disorder. He had a club foot, a result of inbreeding, which explained why he was always sitting down in photos….”

Um….PHOTOS?I know the Egyptians were aeons ahead of their time, but not that far ahead! 😆 

It has been suggested to me that these amazing photographs were left behind by the Extra Terrestrials who built the pyramids. And also that those same pyramids had wi-fi, enabling him to post the photos on Instagram. Hmm.

(Oh, and the link also contains the model of Richard with blond hair…but we won’t talk about THAT.)


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