St Edmund, patron saint of pandemics….

And now we have a search for St Edmund, one of England’s early patron saints. As pandemics were one of his concerns, I certainly trust they find him. We could do with his services at the moment!

Here’s hoping he’s located. To read more, go here.


  1. Hi viscountessw! Love this blog so much :D. It is really an escape in these weird times. It would be awesome if you could do a post about the Duke of York’s appearance! I have been exploring more about him and would love if you made a post covering his physical appearance.


    1. Hi. Thank you for praising this blog! I’ll certainly consider it, Romantic Lady. About the only thing I know off hand is that of all the duke’s sons, Richard III was supposedly most like him – which leads me to think the others must have taken after their Neville mother. If I find anything I can get to grips with, a post will certainly be forthcoming. 🙂

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