The HS2 Murder Mystery

Just as the construction Crossrail exposed human burial grounds, so has HS2.

Here, in Wendover, Buckinghamshire we have an Iron Age burial that is likely to have followed a murder, possibly a ritual murder, or an execution.  An Iron Age  man was discovered, face down, his unusual  position indicating that he was most likely bound at the time of his death. He was buried in a ditch, which is often regarded as a ‘liminal area’ between two worlds.

The whole site seemed to have been in use from deepest antiquity, the earliest monument on site being a timber henge from the Neolithic aligned on the Midwinter Solstice sunrise. Later there was Bronze Age and Iron Age activity, including a round house and possible enclosures. Later still, in Roman times, even when the settlement moved further afield,  there was a single high status burial in a lead coffin, set within a square enclosure.

With other rail projects being planned, I wonder what might be found …



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