Once again, Matt Lewis to the rescue on his white charger…!

Yet again we have Matt Lewis to thank for pointing out the error of journalistic and other writers’ ways. There are some bloopers in this Express piece but Matt sorts them out with good, plain, beautifully written English. Job done.


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  1. Richard made an oath that he would not imprison his neices and he promised to find them suitable matches. But only having reigned for only one more year after the girls left sanctuary so it was left to Henry VII to marry them off to his supporters. They regained their titles as Princesses but he still married them to lower ranks rather than foreign princes. I expect he didn’t want claiments threatening theTudor throne from abroad. Only the eldest, Elizabeth of York became a queen by marrying Henry himself. Richard had no reason to imprison Elizabeth of York. He was happy for a claimant from abroad if his line died out. It is believed that Richard wanted Elizabeth to marry a Portuguese Duke who was the brother to the King of Portugal. She was raised as a Princess in the House of York before her birth situation was found out and her would be husband was a descendant of Henry IV, the first king of the House of Lancaster. Their son would have been a claimant to the English throne. Richard was thinking like a Plantagenet who wanted to get rid of the York and Lancaster rivalry in the Plantagenet dynasty. He must have hoped his brother’s bigamy would be overlooked. It would have been more significant than Elizabeth’s marriage to Henry Tudor who was not really a member of the House of Lancaster but the House of Tudor, therefore a new dynasty.


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