There were only two English Queens of France . . . .


Mary Tudor – attributed to Jan Gossaert – Wiki Commons

It is a fact that there have only ever been two English queens of France. We’ve had a few French queens, of course.

The two we sent over there, Eadgifu, daughter of Edward the Elder, and Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VII, were both offspring of men who seized the throne:-

” . . . .Mary’s dad was Henry VII who as plain old Henry Tudor turned up at Bosworth in August 1485 and captured the crown of England from Richard III in one of the most famous battles in history.  Her mother was Elizabeth of York who had a better claim to the throne than Henry but who ended up consort rather than regnant when the victor of Bosworth married her after establishing his own hold on power first . . .

from Wikipedia

“ . . . .Eadgifu was the daughter of Edward the Elder who became King of England in 899 on the death of his very famous father, Alfred the Great.  But despite the unifying work done by Alfred, Edward still had to battle for the crown as his cousin – son of Alfred’s older brother Aethelread – also reckoned he was king.  But within a few years, Edward was in control and had even expanded his power.  Eadgifu was his first child by his second wife, Aelfflaed, who married him in the same year he became king . . . .”

If you read this article you will be able to read a lot more about these two ladies.

But I fear I cannot help a parting Yorkist snarl about Henry VII. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. He only won at Bosworth because Richard III was betrayed. What honour is there in THAT??? None. The Tudors’ power was based on treachery, and the fact that Henry spent his reign needing his back watched night and day (by his own personal bodyguards, no less) was no more than the wretch deserved. I just wish they’d failed in their duty!


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