A hymn to Margaret Beaufort….?

I have taken this extract from Royal Central:

“….after the deposition of Edward V, and Richard III’s subsequent accession to the throne, it quickly became clear that the new king wasn’t a universally popular choice….”

Hmm, nor was it universally unpopular. In fact, far more people were in favour of Richard than against, but then, if you’re writing about Margaret Beaufort, you have to adopt the official Tudor line.

I won’t be reading this book, but that isn’t a reflection on the book or its author, more on my personal allegiances. I wish Margaret, her son and their odious descendants in perdition. Nicola Tallis may have been objective about Margaret, but I fear I cannot be objective about Margaret’s legacy, the truly awful Tudors, who turned England into a virtual police state and spilled blood as a hobby.

Yes, Margaret Beaufort was an amazing woman, there’s no doubt of that, and if she’d applied herself to the lawful succession, I’d have no gripes. But she didn’t. She was a traitor, and her activities led to a terrible blot on England’s history. End of story for me.


  1. I don’t think a schemer, a plotter, a Stanley-wipe, maybe even a murderess (although there’s no proof) deserves the recognition this author has in mind. Furthermore, l hope the mother of Tudor is weirdly satisfied that her son produced one of the worst monarchical monsters, a stake-burner, and that his other daughter decided not to continue the usurping lineage. Enough ranted.

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