Edward IV in Art

My recent post regarding a rather unflattering vintage portrait of Elizabeth Woodville with a scary-looking  extra child caused much comment.

Just so that things are fair, I decided to have look through Edward’s various portraits–and my goodness, there are some real winners there as well!


This cartoon-like image of Edward dates from about 1650 and it at Westwood Manor.

And this unlovely portrayal is from the lost collection of Charles I. It is interesting in that it shows an  older, obese Edward.



  1. Well, we all knew that Henry VIII inherited his paranoia from his father and his physique and libido from his grandfather!


  2. Dear Hoodedman … I have no words for this mess. That’s not like me, so this must really be a “whhaaaattttt????” sort of effort. Then again he’s wearing ermine, so, he must be somebody’s king.

    (Where do you find these gems???)


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