The blond Richard again….!

Illustration assembled by viscountessw

There are some interesting reconstructions here..apart from the blond Richard, which (try as I will) I just cannot accept. If he’d been blond (especially THAT blond!) it would surely have shown on his portraits. Or comment would have been made. His hair was medium-brown to dark, maybe a shade of chestnut…just NOT blond!

It seems the genetic results show that he was probably blond as a child, but darkened as he grew older. Well, I can go along with that because the same applied to me. My hair was like a cornfield when I was small, then went a darkish nondescript shade of mouse. Now, in my dotage, it’s gone almost white again! In fact, I’m the natural colour now that I once paid hairdressers fortunes to achieve. No justice!


    1. From the so called best reconstructions, there are only 3 really good ones. And IMHO none of Caroline Wilkinson’s is among them. I was so dissapointed then, when the reconstruction of Richard was revealed. I had hoped for something of the the quality of Nilsson’s Stonegehenge Man. As for the haircolour, I still would like to know, whose idea the blond Richard was. The Society’s? Or Caroline Wilkinson’s? Tury King’s article was easy enough to understand for everyone who cared to read it attentively. Who ever was to blame for this folly, certainly did Richard a disservice.

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  1. Is it just me or is the blond wig used for the reconstruction particularly heinous? Like vicountessw, I too have paid countless hairdressers to lighten my hair…but if my hair had turned the color of Richard’s wig after one of those salon visits, I would have picked up the nearest box of brown hair dye on my way home.

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