Quite accidentally I stumbled over a reference to a genealogical manuscript of English kings, made in around 1500, which interestingly finishes with a drawing of Richard rather than the current king of the time, Henry Tudor.  The depiction of Richard is not one that normally is seen with any frequency.

Here is what is written about the book:

World Chronicle with the Descent of the Kings of England from Adam and Eve to Richard III

This manuscript, produced in London around 1500, traces the genealogy of the kings of England from Adam and Eve to Richard III. The manuscript was made in the manner of William Caxton (circa 1422–92), the first English printer. Written in English, on vellum, the volume still has its original brown calf binding. Illustrations are mostly large compositions in pen and ink and include images of the Last Judgment and the fall of the rebel angels, the Creation, the fall of Adam and Eve, and Noah’s ark. Also included in the manuscripts is a series of genealogical chains, which are decorated with 68 medallion portraits. Among the kings and emperors portrayed are Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, King Arthur, and William the Conqueror. Secondary decorations include initials decorated with gold filigree, and others rubricated in red and blue ink.
Picture of Richard III in genealogical manuscript from 1500:
(Thanks to Stephanie Brooke for bringing this item to my attention.)


  1. Fascinating. Esp that it breaks off at Richard – there are lines ruled for the next passage of text and a blank page, with just what look preliminary sketches. Is anyone’s reading of such texts up to deciphering this part? It’s in English – I can make out some words but that’s all. Mention of battles – and I think perhaps the text doesn’t make it as far as Richard (as death of Henry VI appears to be mentioned at end of previous page…) A rather beautiful piece all round – thanks for bringing it to light

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  2. That was a great find by Stephanie, (aka @manx_maid on twitter). When I first read it there I meant to explore further. I agree with you Alex, interesting how it stops there.

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