A beautiful mount bearing Richard III’s boar has been found by a metal-detectorist in the West Country. Quite a few  boar badges have turned up here and there over the years, but this mount, which probably was fastened on a sword-belt, seems rather unique–and is very impressive, still retaining parts of its silvering and painted red background. As it was found in the vicinity of Devon, could it have been dropped by someone riding with the King to ‘mop up’ after Buckingham’s rebellion?

There is a good article on the mount here:







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  1. Hoodman1, great post, and article was quite informative as well, but your suggestion, that it’s a remnant from the men mopping up after HS2dB’s rebellion, or even from one of the riders sent out to find him beforehand is far more likely than the article’s idea that it belonged to one of the Courtney earls of Devon!

    and it is a beauty of a find, isn’t it! I would dearly love to know more about the adherent on who’s belt this was fastened! If the article is correct about it’s high degree of crafting, befitting an owner of equally high status, does that not also preclude its owner being someone sent out to root out pockets of Lancastrian incorrigibles? Or would that be seen as a high mark of trust?


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