Richard III started the monarch’s messenger secret service….?

So Richard was the first to set up a King’s/Queen’s Messengers service? I didn’t know that. We’re all aware of “diplomatic bags” and such like, but it’s only now that I learn it was all due to Richard. He employed a certain John Norman, in whom he clearly placed great trust.

Dominic Winter Auctioneers
Lot 422 (Military, Aviation & Transport History, 16th May 2019)
King’s Messenger Badge
Sold for £1,650

Alas, it seems the Messengers are under threat now, “to save money”. Another slice of history to be consigned to mere memory? Shame! See And also To read more, go to
this article and lots and lots of other links. Just search Queen’s Messenger.

However, according to Wikipedia, the messenger service can be traced much further back than Richard. But I much prefer to credit him with it!

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  1. I have seen a copy of letter which Richard wrote where he mentioned ‘fresh horses at different posts’ to speed up the delivering of urgent messages. I can entirely believe in his involvement with these…. it has Richard all over it.

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