Richard III versus James I of Scotland….?

Illustration from the link below

The following extract is from this article in the Daily Record :-

“….Fortuitously for us, Henry VII killed Richard III (the king in the car park) who was discovered in Leicester. A nice piece of synergy, and the basis for a much bigger story of Scottish royal political dominance in Great Britain….”

Well, it might have been fortuitous for Perth (the one in Scotland, of course), but Bosworth was a catastrophe for England, inflicting the monstrous House of Tudor upon us for well over a century. So Scotland is welcome to its discovery, complete with Tudor connections!

Much as I hope it will bring a gratifying leap in Perth’s income, I can’t really agree that the discovery of the grave of James I of Scotland will compare with that of Richard III. But I do wish Perth well ! Truly.

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  1. I don’t know who they are referring to as us, I assume it they mean the people of Gt Britain who have lived since 1485. I can assure them that it would have been much better had Richard lived and Henry had been executed for treason. Just think 72,000 people would have lived out their lives between 1485 and 1603. No Divine right of Kings initiated by H7’s insistence that he is referred to as Your Majesty and not Your Grace. Therefore no Stuarts and no Civil War, no Oliver Cromwell, though I am sure that Parliament would have evolved under Richard and his descendants. No Hanoverians and no Saxe Cobergs therefore no WW1 probably no WW2. The only good thing s we would have missed would have been the reigns of our present Queen and her father which would have been a great loss.

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