This lady struck gold (Henry VII Fine Angel) because she was bored….!

Picture taken from link below

Well, here we go again. Yet another detectorist strikes gold. This time without really meaning to do it! And it’s all hers because she found it on her own land! Well done, Amanda.

“….A single mum struck gold when she unearthed a 500-year-old coin worth £2,500 in her back garden.

“….Amanda Johnston, 48, was bored at home in the appropriately named Portsmouth suburb of Moneyfields when she grabbed her son George’s metal detector and set to work looking for treasure.

“….After finding just a few nails at first, she suddenly came across the Henry VII Fine Gold Angel coin measuring just 29mm across and weighing 5g….”

And to think that all I’ve ever found in any of my gardens is a wealth of clay pipes. Not even fancy ones! And I hasten to add that the gardens were owned separately, not all at once. I’ve only ever had one home at a time! No great landowner me.

To read the full story, go to the Mail.



      1. The article claims the coin was in circulation for 200 years from 1464.
        Henry Vll didn’t become king until 1485, so how does that work then?
        In your reply you said 1664, that’s not what the article says, and it doesn’t make any sense.


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