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More truthful about Richard III than they realise….!


The Penny Dreadfuls

Well, the Penny Dreadfuls, a comedy group, may only be having fun and poking fun at Shakespeare’s Richard, but they’ve actually come closer to the truth than may be realised. Their version of Richard is more accurate than the Bard’s parody!


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2 thoughts on “More truthful about Richard III than they realise….!

  1. blancsanglier on said:

    I was dubious about this and wasn’t going to listen to it….. I’m so glad I did though as it was great! Here it is if you missed it:

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    • amma19542019 on said:

      Thank you blancsanglier, it was far better than I expected, not sure which was the best line, the “Brittany: the Wales of France” or R’s haircut looking like a “elderly spaniel, or that crack about Leicester … in fact I’m shocked, shocked I tell you how cognizant the writer was as to Ricardian issues, hotspots if you will, things that we would all like to see addressed (the idea that an odious, cackling MB is the author of Crowland, well, it was enjoyable, sigh). Thanks for including the link, I would have had no idea how to hear it otherwise!


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