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The worst king in our history….?

This article is from 2015, but I’ve only just seen it. Amazingly, Richard III doesn’t even get a mention among the “worst kings in history”! So, either the list compiler slipped up, or they’ve finally realised he was one of the good guys!

Oh, and no question who took first place! Rightly so.

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11 thoughts on “The worst king in our history….?

  1. sparkypus on said:

    I believe he was….the pillock!

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  2. Glenis Brindley on said:

    No surprise who topped this list. Seeing how many people he had murdered during his reign, it couldn’t really be anyone else!

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  3. mry4441 on said:

    At last they have seen the light! In my humble opinion Elizabeth I cannot cannot hold a candle to Elizabeth II.

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  4. ladylancs on said:

    At least QE2 has not had anyone executed😉

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  5. Donna Rae Castleberry on said:

    Elizabeth II lives in a different time than her namesake.


  6. He was one of the worst and his father was not as bad as him.
    His admires and defenders may try their level best to white wash him, coming up with rediculious excuses for his actions such as he was manipulated by one of his wives or a member of his council/courtier. Recently his actions are blamed on inherited blood type and another good one head injuries. The evidence is there to back his tyranny.
    We should remember that Anne Boleyn was the first queen to be executed on trumped up charges.


    • Glenis Brindley on said:

      I don’t think he was one of the worst, he WAS the worst, he was a murderous tyrant.
      Yes, I know people think he was knocked out cold at a joust and it could have affected his brain, but we’ll never know, either way I think he was still a tyrant!

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    • amma19542019 on said:

      Hard to argue with you Suzanne so I will just amend “his father not as bad as him” – anyone who could keep a 10 year old boy in solitary confinement for 14 years, until he managed to find a way to ‘judiciously’ murder him, for having superior DNA, is and was, despicable. I could go on, but having a furtive and sly manner in one’s means to eradicate presumed enemies (via that glorious marriage that was going to unify both Lancaster and York) just means the BBC yawns when your name comes up. Otherwise you hit it on the head with all the ‘modern’ efforts to sanitize the Tudors, especially H8. (I believe Anne Askew was also the first woman to be executed after being racked, and burned at the stake, also by dear H8).


  7. Pat Barrett on said:

    No one suggested King John? Earlier times, of course, but he was still outstandingly horrible even for then.

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  8. amma19542019 on said:

    Suzanne, thank you, thought it was Anne Askew and most likely H8, lovely man. Worse, she was exactly the pure Protestant he allegedly was ushering in when he destroyed the cathedrals (was it really just a few years back when the world was horrified by cultural devastation when the Taliban blew up ONE statuary of Buddha?) leaves me thinking H8 simply wanted to plunder with such abandon the wealth of the Church (forget architecture, paintings, stained glass, statuary, etc) that the Vikings look like limp kneed amateurs in comparison.

    sanitization, excellent word, that and erasing history, actual history. Maybe the Tudor mafia got the last 500 years to rewrite history to their will but surely ricardians should demand equal time and correct the record over the next 500 years!


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