A caricature is putting the face of a joke on the body of a truth–Joseph Conrad
If Joseph Conrad was correct (and I believe he was), whatever could someone in the late 15th c have been trying to tell us about Henry VII in this amusing manuscript doodle? Especially as it came from  the Archbishop’s Register of the diocese of York.



That nose! That pinched  expression! Is the King depicted trying to smell out someone’s hard earned money? Did a scribe in York not think  terribly much of the new Tudor king?

And, just for fun,  here’s a more recent (early 20th c?) cartoon of Henry chowing down with good old Bishop Morton (by then  Archbishop of Canterbury), as they devise the idea of Morton’s Fork…

Henry VII taking a Chop with the Archbishop of Canterbury



  1. OMG! 😂 THIS…is why I love this blog! Hope more stuff like this gets found or discovered soon!


  2. Dear Hooded… totally confused here!

    The spot illustration of H7 and Morton is probably mid 1800’s, certainly before WW1, but I am completely puzzled by the Illuminated capital found in the parchment! It looks as though the image was meant to display, like a GIF? But I couldn’t get it to do anything, I know I am missing something, it’s not unusual for the scribe/illuminator to add little private doodles, jokes, buried somewhere in a manuscript but this looks quite provocative!


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