Is this the sword of John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln….?


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Thanks to a question and response on the Richard III’s Loyal Supporters Unaffiliated Facebook group, and another reference on Twitter, I’ve learned that the sword of John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, was presented to the city of Lincoln by Henry VII after the Battle of Stoke in 1487.

At least, tradition names it as the earl’s sword, it resides at the Guildhall in Lincoln and is still carried at ceremonial events. If anyone has more details I’d love to hear.

source unknown



  1. I was given a tour of the Guildhall a couple of years ago and the man described it as the sword that killed John de la Pole, not the sword owned by him. They also own a charter of Richard’s concerning the city dated 30th Nov 1484, which my guide pulled out in a drawer.

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  2. If it’s the sword of the man who killed Lincoln, I wonder what happened to him? Henry VII wouldn’t have been pleased because he wanted Lincoln and other Yorkist leaders taken alive.


  3. Yes, HVII was most ungruntled that Lincoln was killed as he wanted to ascertain “the bottom of his danger”. Would he have had Lincoln tortured to get the info?


  4. Yes, I think Henry would…and Lincoln’s rebellion gave him just the excuse he needed. Not that I have faith in enry’s scruples anyway, but he did try (or seem to try)to get Lincoln on side in the beginning. But it’s my guess that Henry was just looking for a “justifiable” reason to set about Lincoln. So I think the man who actually did the killing at Stoke Field would have been wise to make himself scarce!


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