With advanced computer technology, more artists and other interested people are doing their own ‘facial reconstructions’ of famous historical figures, often giving them modern hair styles and clothes to let people see how they might have looked if they lived in the present day.

The following article has 30 such images, and is interesting because not only does it have the usual ‘Henry VIII and his wives’,  but also Henry VII, who normally gets rather forgotten about as far as the Tudors go, being generally deemed the ‘boring one.’ (Penny-pinching is not nearly so exciting as enmasse head-chopping, after all.)

If you read the article, don’t forget to scroll down to the comments under Henry’s pic–some are hilarious!tudorrecon





  1. Ew, I would NOT buy a secondhand car from him. Those are SLY eyes, no matter what the century. Great link though, and yes, some of the comments are really funny. Thank you for posting.

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  2. as per head chopping, this one committed more than his share, Edward of Warwick’s grotesque murder should cast him into the bin of ‘most hated’ (any category) imho … as to his modernized ‘update’ – he’s still the type to push your application back across his desk, no contact puleeze, indeed, no mortgage loan for the likes of you! With the curling smile of great satisfaction, they kept that, I note.

    sorry for the attitude, H just doesn’t sit well with me …


  3. Have you checked out the others ‘updated’ as well? All that was done was to change the haircuts and clothing, and everybody comes off looking a bit weird or ‘offish.’

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    1. Oh dear, Halfwit, all the simpleminded ‘snark’ I could think of to add to that! But I will behave myself – it does remind me of the latest ‘trend’ in ‘painting?/photography?’ today where Old Masters’ works are recreated using living models, in a tableaux, updated sometimes, or using present day clothing only but in those 16thC poses, it’s quite a mishmash – it’s a case of neither an insight into what was key to the original work, especially in terms of the interactions of the Subjects within the paintings, nor a witty or profound update into THOSE insight being reexamined today … it’s what I tell students falls into the unhappy category of ‘novelty’ – much like the Pet Rock … yes, artists certainly can do it, we all have our moments of novelty that creep into our work, we CAN do it, but, should we?

      sort of how I feel with these petty-if well manicured insurance salesmen cum our dear Henry T


  4. What?!!? All I was saying is that ‘modernizing’ these portraits doesn’t make any of them look too good – including Richard.
    Especially including Henry 8, who comes off looking like Peter Ustinov. Good thing the dead can’t sue, because both would have a good case!

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  5. Dear Halfwit, wow I missed your comment, sorry, and now you know why my kids (and students) tune me out … never a simple answer from me. Grad school unleashed my inner yakacademic! mea culpa

    (and I would take Peter U over H8 any day)


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