A strange perspective

This image was drawn to my attention on Instagram. Quite apart from the dubious nature of the “Tudor” descent of those monarchs, as attested to by several historians, the timeline is being stretched somewhat, from Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press to the Gunpowder Plot and even the Great Fire of London. Those of you who watched Adam Hart-Davis’ What did the Tudors do for us a few years ago will recall that he included Caxton, who worked with  (x.1483).

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. 1440-1666? TUDOR timeline? It’s a wonder that 1066 doesn’t belong to William the Tudor Bastard!


  2. Who has made that timeline? Shouldn’t it be from 1485 to 1603? Starting with Bosworth? By the way, I have detected a “small” mistake in the late 16th century…


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