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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (3)

It would seem that, according to the Daily Mail (third feature),  a certain most humble and lovable Tudor historian, has gone ahead and had a pricey and painful hair transplant. He announced this at the ‘Bad Sex in Fiction’  Awards. (Mind-boggling but also makes me wonder- why don’t we have the ‘Bad Gaffes in Historical Documentaries’ awards??? Equally hilarious, I am certain!)


Scroll Down for Dan Jones’ Hair


This ‘hair-raising’ experience  by Mr Jones can surely only lead to a new series on the Wars of the Roses, with more sinister, melodramatic music and another middle-aged actor dressed like 13th C King John playing the part of  15th C Richard III!

As for a title, as a nod to its presenter, maybe it could hair, I mean bear an appropriate name such as…hmmm… ‘Crowning Glory’? Of course, it must cover the Princes in the Tower; I am sure there would not be a dry eye anywhere in TV-land as the story is re-hashed… I mean re-told… about how the young  ‘hair to the throne’ and his brother ‘vanished into thin hair,’ undoubtedly due to the machinations of  Evil!Richard (TM) who, on top of the rest of his black evils, had the temerity to possess what seems a rather striking head of hair…

Of course, it must also be noted, for a sense of balance and fairness, that many things written about the Princes’ disappearance, were nothing more than bald lies….

But enough of this slaphead…I mean, slapstick silliness…

Surely Dan could have tried this remedy before the painful one!



Medieval Monk Ponders His Tonsure…


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4 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (3)

  1. blancsanglier on said:

    So THAT’S why Dan doesn’t like Richard! 😃. He is jealous of Richards lovely hair!!!
    ‘Groan’….. I suppose we will have to put up with even more posing now? Dan in his leather jacket as he flicks his hair out of his eyes while giving the camera a sultry look 😏

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Glenis Brindley on said:

    No Blanc, now I can’t get that awful image out of my head! Dan flicking his hair out of his eyes, and sultry? No, I don’t think so!!! x


  3. Parmandil on said:

    The image at the bottom is of a Dominican friar, not a monk. I thought it was of the founder, St Dominic of Guzman, but Google says he is Blessed Jordan of Saxony.


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