The sexual exploits of the Tudors….

“….history buffs are set for a ‘rip-roaring tumble’ through the sexual exploits of Britain’s most infamous royal family.

“The sexual exploits of the Tudors will be exposed at a special buffet and lecture, which will take guests back in time to hear about the sex lives of the English and Welsh during their reign.

“The talk, called Sex and the Tudors, will be held at Tutbury Castle at 7pm on Valentine’s Day – Friday, February 14….”

To read more, please this article

Hmm, I don’t think there’s a single Tudor monarch whose sex life secrets would set the world on fire. Well, there’s Henry VIII of course, but he was just an obsessed, unprincipled monster. And his story is now tired. In my opinion anyway. He was a dreadful man.

Anyway, If you are agog to know more, Tutbury Castle on Valentine’s Day is clearly the place for you.

PS: It’s evident from the above photograph that Good Queen Bess was blessed with the gift of foresight. How else can she be wielding the Union Jack?


  1. ok,I bit; the ‘article’ is piffle. To make this Talk longer than a dreary 10 mins (c’mon, Elizabeth died a virgin – she said – her little brother presumably so – older sister a frazzled woman given to phantom pregnancies, a grandfather whose personality leads one to believe that his sex life as likely akin to watching paint dry – and then dear Henry 8, ulcerated leg and all. What naughty fun.)

    I suspect that they’re going to have to call in the Tudors-by-extension, ie. the reserves, like Charles Brandon, (and is there a more repulsive lech that that one?)

    (And does Lady Jane Grey count as a Tudor? If so, that is also rather icky, romantically speaking, no?

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