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Hooray Henry & his Horse

And here it is, folks.  Proof at last.

We are told by some that apparently Henry “Tudor” really, really wanted to fling himself into  the fray at Bosworth (instead of lurking behind his bodyguard), and here finally is the proof of that intent. Henry,  waving his trusty sword Cash-Bringer in defiance of the foe, spurs on his noble but unfortunately rather stationary steed ‘Sandy,’ whose name is now forever-immortalised in  one of the alternative names for the  Battle of Bosworth–the Battle of Sandeford.

Believe It Or Not.


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3 thoughts on “Hooray Henry & his Horse

  1. amma19542019 on said:

    Okay, I admit I’m just a coarse serf at heart but I love this! You made my day! (Sir Cash-bringer might want to be careful with that trusty sword tho, he could put someone’s eye out, maybe his own, when he trips, falling off Sandy?)

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  2. Are you sure he was strong enough to hold that sword in his delicate little hands his mother rubbed every night with animal fat?? LOL

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    • amma19542019 on said:

      one wonders (being the coarse serf that I am) if the poor lamb needed Mother Beaufort to apply said animal fat on his bum at night as well, long day in the saddle, you know …


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