The architect who altered the first Richard III stone on Bow Bridge, Leicester….

Victorian William Flint was a Leicester architect who “…had a hand in many other projects, including significant alterations to New Walk Museum, St Mary de Castro Church and the first Richard III stone on Bow Bridge…”

Now there is a book all about him by Mark Mitchley. To read more, go to this article.



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  1. Dear Vicountessw,

    Can’t quite see Prinny-lite here leading Richard’s van but since he also had a serious and aggressively pursued interest in architecture across his various castles and other holdings I would guess Master Flint would have found plenty of work with the duke (and later king).

    (Love the dimpled chin, the lofty eyebrow, raised in amusement, ahh enlightenment of the higher orders! The slightly perched little finger, echoing that eyebrow, nice touch. The portrait is of a type, my period of study was Neoclassicism/ Romanticism so he seems quite familiar! Shades of Ingres!)

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