Nothing but a Hound Dog?

Photo of dachshund and Henry Tudor with similar expression

My sister thinks this photo of my little dog, Hunter, resembles Henry Tudor. Obviously, the collar adds to the likeness, but what about his other features? Some have said his long nose is like Henry’s, others that his ears are similar to H’s hair. I think, because he is showing the whites of his eyes, his expression is suspicious, just like Henry’s. Of course, Hunter is much better looking than Henry, isn’t he? What do YOU think?


  1. Poor little pooch – but he’s rescued from a Tudor fate by having two eyes that are actually directed immediately where he’s looking. Henry had only one – the other apparently followed after a delay, which was most disconcerting. On another note….I wonder if Henry’s legs were as short as a dachshund. Now there’s a picture to conjure….

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