“King Richard and his Women”

I don’t know what your reaction would be to reading the following, but my Ricardian heart plummeted:-

“….There have been many versions of Shakespeare’s Richard III over the years. But King Richard and His Women may be the first to focus on the title character and his relationships with the women in his life….”

Firstly that this new play is based upon the Bard’s Richard, and secondly because this means, inevitably, that the women in question are bound to loathe him. Looking at the above photograph, I feel they can’t wait to tear him to shreds.

But the Bard’s Richard III and the real man are worlds apart, and I will cheer the day when the theatrical world does the actual Richard a centuries-overdue favour, and creates something around the TRUTH. But that, I fear, would be too much to ask.

To read more about King Richard and His Women, go to this article


  1. I love Shakespeare’s play because it is so brilliantly crafted and written.
    I do always teach it in terms of the historical context of its writing, and inevitable bias, as well as the context of the events it depicts.
    Certain current “world leaders” provide excellent examples of how those in power attempt to rewrite history and portray those who preceded them as terrible people. This has made for some most insightful classroom discussions.

    This play, though? I share your apprehension.


  2. I dread the thought of this play. You can tell by the write up it’s not going to be kind to Richard. You only have to look at the name of the company – Seven Tyrants!
    Shakespeare has a lot to answer for, and it makes me really sad that so many people read his plays and think they’re true to history.
    One day everyone will know the truth about Richard, and he’ll get the justice and reputation he deserves, it’s long overdue.


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