Scoliosis treatments at the time of Richard III

After centuries of slanders about Richard III, always named as “the hunchbacked king”, it was finally proved that he just suffered from scoliosis.

He was not born with this condition but he probably started to suffer with it in his adolescence between 10 and 15. This is the so-called idiopathic scoliosis that can be, in some cases, very painful and in very rare cases can even be fatal.

This kind of scoliosis can’t be prevented, as the cause is unknown but the culprit could be the growth hormone or a genetic predisposition. This condition can be mild or severe. In the latter, it can affect the appearance of the person and obviously can create embarrassment, low self-esteem and sometimes depression in addition to physical distress, headache, a very thin shape, stomach problems and lung dysfunction.

Severe scoliosis is visible if the person wears tight clothes and, if it doesn’t stop developing, it can cause excruciating pain due to nerve pressure. However, people affected by scoliosis have a normal life and can practice sports, do exercise and every normal, daily activity.

Richard III is probably the most famous person affected by idiopathic scoliosis, along with Princess Eugenie of York, the runner Usain Bolt, the actress Liz Taylor, the singers Kurt Cobain and Liza Minnelli, the tennis star, James Blake, among others.

Today, it is easy to treat this condition thanks to braces and, in the worst cases, with surgery but, unfortunately, these treatments were not available at the time of Richard III and medieval remedies were almost useless, very painful and often they even worsened the situation.

For people affected by mild scoliosis, there were some massage techniques used in Turkish baths along with the application of ointments made with herbs and plants. In other cases, these massages were made in preparation for another treatment. One of the most common ‘remedies’ was traction. The equipment for this treatment was very expensive, so only rich people and the nobility could afford it. As Richard was a member of one of the wealthiest families in England and a noble as well, it is highly probable that he would have gone through traction. The instrument used for this purpose was similar to the ‘rack’ used to torture people. The patient was lying on his back and tied by armpits and calves by a rope to a wooden roller and literally pulled to stretch the spine. The treatment could last for hours and it is not difficult to imagine how horribly painful it was and, unfortunately, it was of no benefit.

Richard’s family would have had the best physicians of the time and these should have been aware of this treatment so it is likely that, unfortunately, he had to undergo traction. It is difficult to imagine that Richard’s family wouldn’t have tried to cure his spine, being such highly-ranked people.

However, scoliosis was not just a physical issue. A person affected by scoliosis was seen as the incarnation of evil and a sinner, while a straight spine represented morality, goodness and beauty. The Shakespearean character of Richard III was associated with wickedness and immorality because of his physical deformity, sharpened to the maximum to create an unscrupulous monster capable of any crime.

Richard managed to hide his condition for his whole life because he very well knew this could have been a reason for being painted as a bad person, twisted in his body and, therefore, also in his mind.

After his death at Bosworth, he was stripped naked and his secret revealed. Shakespeare exaggerated his condition in order to misrepresent Richard and to blame him for every possible crime. His scoliosis became a hunchback with the addition of a withered arm and a limp.

With the discovery of his skeleton under the car park in Leicester, it appeared very clear that Richard had just a scoliosis and the evil hunchbacked king created by Shakespeare was just Tudor propaganda, that made Richard the most maligned king in English history. This discovery helped to reveal Richard in a new light and called into question all the atrocities he has been accused of. There are many reasons to believe that the truth will eventually come to light.

Do you want to know a very strange coincidence? In Ipswich, where the sales office of the Richard III Society is located, there is a surgeon, expert in spinal surgery: his name is Robert Lovell (top)!

By Maria

Hi, my name is Maria, I am Italian but my soul is British.


  1. Another person with scoliosis who obviously didn’t have many issues with physical activity is Michael Phelps – who holds the record for the most Olympic Gold Medals won by an individual. I also have the condition and ran track and played basketball in school.

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  2. My daughter also had Scoliosis, diagnosed when she was 11. It didn’t stop her doing anything, she played netball and also belonged to a Morris Dancing Troupe, which entailed quite extensive training, etc. I think it’s really sad that because of ignorance, people of Richard’s time were considered ‘evil’ just because they had a condition that anybody could have had. It was so easy for Shakespeare to exaggerate Richard’s condition to make him out to be the most evil person, and unfortunately this has grown over the centuries to make him the most maligned of Kings – all because of ignorance.

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    1. Yes, it is terribly sad! Many called scoliosis a handicap but it is a condition and very different from kyphosis. I was in Leicester a couple of months ago and I was praying knelt in front of Richard’s tomb. There were some people there talking to a guide who knows everything about the stone and nothing about Richard. A lady asked how Richard could have looked with scoliosis and the guide showed her using his own body and taking the shape of a hunchback. I couldn’t refrain from intervening. I explained them what was the difference between scoliosis and kyphosis and the guide justified himself saying “I am not an expert” I replied “I am not either but it’s not that difficult to know this”. I also added that a very high percentage of people have scoliosis and many of them will never know.
      BTW my ex husband had scoliosis and he was absolutely fine apart pain at the end of the day after passing 8 hours seated at the till of a supermarket. Ignorance is worse than the Black Death!

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  3. How dreadful that even the guides perpetuate the myth that Richard was a hunchback, yet more ignorance. It’s so wrong that these people on the so-called front line can’t even share the truth. It gets so frustrating, it’s like three steps forward and two back! As you say, ignorance is worse than the Black Death!


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