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We are NOT Richard’s “fan club”….we only want to clear his name….!


The quoted passage below is from this source .

“….What will happen to your bones after you die? Will they be venerated as relics? Buried with care by your loved ones? Preserved as part of a museum’s collection? Each of these treatments says something different about the value – religious, cultural, or scientific – that we place on the human skeleton. From Neanderthals burying their dead in prehistoric times, to the University of Tennessee’s ‘Body Farm’, where forensic anthropologists study the processes  of decomposition, the skeleton has been deeply significant to different groups of people for millennia, and every skeleton has stories to tell about who a person was and how they lived….”

And there’s Richard of course, and how much more we now know about him because his remains were discovered in 2012. But I do object to Ricardians being lumped together as his ‘fan club’. That is to sneer at sincere endeavours by a lot of worthy folk to clear his name. Yes, there are some who make the rest of us squirm, but we’re certainly not all like that. So in this respect, Darcy Shapiro, the writer of the article (link above), is something of a nitwit.

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2 thoughts on “We are NOT Richard’s “fan club”….we only want to clear his name….!

  1. Glenis Brindley on said:

    I’ve actually emailed this person, the only way I could see to make contact with her, and pointed out I am neither a ‘Richard fan’ nor part of any Richard fan club.’
    I am in fact, a Ricardian and proud of it. Then I read articles like these that come out with some crass statement, that ruins the sense of the rest of the piece.
    Richard was the most maligned king in English history, and the last English king to die in battle in England. So all I’ve ever wanted to do was clear Richard’s name, and allow him to received the due deference and recognition he deserves, as an annointed king of England.
    Maybe if these people did some research and educated themselves so as to know what they’re talking about, they wouldn’t make themselves out to be so silly and ill informed.

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  2. hoodedman1 on said:

    It annoys me too, for, as has been noted, such terminology tends to denigrate the serious research that has been done on Richard in recent years.

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