Imagine being in Henry VII’s marriage bed, and….

This bed is far too beautiful for Henry VII. In my opinion, anyway. As to finding it in a hotel…well, what if you were snuggled there, anticipating your cooked breakfast next morning, when Henry’s ghost clambers in beside you???? Lawks!

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  1. Almost anything is too beautiful for Henry VIII. It occurs to me that the architectural “style” that would be most appropriate for him would be Brutalism …


  2. It really is a lovely bed, but I think we all agree it’s far too nice for a Tudor, whether that be H7 or any other. You can’t help but feel sorry for Elizabeth, I know some people seem to think there was some feeling between them, but I’m not so sure.

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  3. I sometimes visit a couple of pro-Tudor sites, out of curiosity,. Judging by other comments on the sites the contributors are generally left-of-center , pro-femnist, anti-white-male, anti-capitalist in sentiment, and they are making a romantic hero of someone why was extremely white, and an extreme capitalist. It’s enough to make a cat laugh. Are we in danger of doing the same thing from the opposite point of view, turning into nothing more than fangirls? At least, Ricardians don’t drop f-bombs twice in a sentence the way these Tudorphiles do.


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