Richard III’s portrait is on the move….

From 8 June – 22 September 2019, Richard’s NPG portrait is on its travels to
the New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester.

If you wander around the NPG site, you’ll find more about their portraits of Richard. Twenty-six in all. But you’ll also find the following:

“Richard III was the last Yorkist king of England. He was a staunch supporter of his elder brother Edward IV against the Lancastrians. However, after Edward’s death he steadily assumed power during the minority of Edward V, and was crowned king in his place.”

Steadily assumed power during the minority of Edward V? Surely this suggests a considerable period of time, with attendant scheming? Events actually ran away with Richard in a matter of days!


  1. Leicester’s spin, once again. I see they’ve found a thesaurus so they could avoid the actual word, “usurp”. As if this makes their statement any better. Horse biscuits, all of it.

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  2. I think we need to start a campaign of contacting everyone we come across who still use Shakespeare as history. If places like the NPG still don’t get it right, we stand no chance.

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  3. They probably imagine they are stating a neutral position. However, words matter. I agree with you, and with the others above.

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