It’s history, Jim, but not as we know it….

Richard II
“Mad” King Richard II

OK, folks, bearing in mind that it’s from an article about Game of Thrones, here’s a portion of England’s history, both potted and potty:-

“To begin with, the House of Lannister seems to be pretty closely based on the real life House of Lancaster. To vastly simplify actual history, the War of the Roses was a struggle between the Yorks and the Lancasters over England’s throne. The Yorks/Starks were repped by white roses, while the Lancasters/Lannisters wore red roses (and yes, GRRM kept the color scheme). The whole trouble began when Henry IV, a Lancaster, led a rebellion against the “mad” king Richard II, because he’d inherited the throne ahead of his deceased older brother’s sons (and also he was boring and nobody liked him).”

“Henry IV won the crown, much to the annoyance of the Yorks, who felt that they were legally next in line to rule England. Fast forward a couple of Henrys, and the timid King Henry VI married a hot, wily French woman called Margaret of Anjou…”

Are you still with this load of codswallop? Game of Thrones is fiction, loosely based on some historic events in England, and the series is very, very successful, but if people are going to point out the “real” facts, at least get them right, for Heaven’s sake!

And for the record, the last thing either Richard II or Richard III could be charged with is being boring!


  1. Hang on, what? Richard II’s older brother’s sons? I’m sure the Black Prince would have liked to know he had mystery sons and grandsons floating around …

    Typical of the fanboy garbage GoT seemed to generate. “Historical accuracy” is their cry when anyone criticises the program’s obsession with rape, but you won’t see leg hair or people dying of smallpox or dysentery. Oh, and dragons and zombies get a free pass. Pffft.

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  2. Richard II would probably have lived a lot longer had he been “boring”. Although in truth he came very, very close to being successful and establishing himself as an early English version of Louis XIV. Only having an incredibly over-mighty subject in Bolingbroke stopped him, and even that only came to pass because of temporary political issues in France. It’s an extremely complex story.

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