It’s a wonder anyone survived medieval battles….!


The title above says it all. Go to this article and see what I mean. With such weapons being wielded on all sides, how on earth did anything—man or horse—emerge still standing? I don’t think we should be in any doubt at all that by going to battle, all men knew they were putting their lives at a very real risk indeed.

Unless, like Henry VII, they always skulked around at the back, well protected (Bosworth), or indeed arrived too late to take part anyway (Stoke Field or Blackheath). There was nothing brave about him.


  1. In fairness, Henry was said to have acquited himself well at Bosworth, to the surprise of those who knew him. Apparently, he was not considered to be usually adept at personal combat.


    1. Stoky e and Blackheath were fought by appointment? They were scheduled for 9:30 and Henr showed up at 10:15? Very astute, not to mention lucky, in an ear without wrist watches.

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      1. No need for a wrist watch. He was in Nottingham, and Stoke Field wasn’t far away along the Trent. He simply left when his scouts told him battle had been joined. He didn’t hurry, either, just to be doubly sure. The man was a coward.


    2. One chronicler said this; the others , although Tudor-centric, were ominously silent. It is pretty feeble praise, considering.


    1. Look at it this way: at least Henry VII didn’t give anyone any heart attacks by taking risks.


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