A spook at Berkeley? Or a trick of the light….?

With drones in the news a lot of late, concerning their interference at airports, perhaps we should remember that they do have some very useful attributes. Especially such things as flying around ancient monuments and giving splendidly detailed views.

There have long been photographs, recordings and so on that claim to be evidence of supernatural events, but I have not seen drone footage that claims to show a knight on horseback galloping across the courtyard of Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire.

I have to say that the blurred image on the footage shown here does show a motion that seems to me to be appropriate for a man on horseback, but is that what the image actually is? A spook? Or a trick of the light?

You decide, ladies and gentlemen.


  1. To me it seems like a reflection, possible from the drone itself? It seems to move at the same speed as the drone is turning. Possible the sun reflecting from a metal part?


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