The Bishop of Lincoln’s country residence….

Let’s be honest, the more senior churchmen (bishops and above) have always known how to live well. For centuries they have enjoyed elegant surroundings. . .and have lacked for nothing.

The subject of this article is 15th-century Lyddington Palace, home of the Bishops of Lincoln, such as this one.

“By 1600, a lot of the palace had been lost. “. . .What did survive, however, in Cecil hands, was a long, two-storey range that accommodated, on its first floor, the Bishop’s withdrawing chambers. These were the rooms to which he retired either with select company or to be by himself. . .” Aha, the bishop’s little nook?

What with this and Lincoln Cathedral, the Bishops of Lincoln did nothing by halves. I wonder if there was rivalry among the bishops of England, to see who could boast the grandest domain?

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