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The reign(s) of Edward IV….


If you want the bare bones of Edward’s reign(s), supposedly born today but on an impossible date, here they are, although there is no reference to his valid marriage in 1461. To me, Edward IV, for all the good he did as king, was rather a prat. Sorry, but there’s no other word for it. He was led by the contents of his codpiece, and didn’t pay enough attention to those he offended.


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4 thoughts on “The reign(s) of Edward IV….

  1. I also agree, and lets not forget how he offended the man who helped him be king. I get it he fell in love and married for love, but he could have handled the situation so much better.
    He was also ruthless and land grabbing e.g Mobray case, funny how he gets to be called tyrant by historians and historical-fiction writers.



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