The inspiration for Richard III’s rosary….

The following article and extract are from Nerdalicious:


“ ‘In the nineteenth century the Clare Cross was found in the castle ruins. It’s actually a reliquary, containing a fragment of the True Cross, and it was probably made soon after 1450  so probably it belonged to Richard III’s mother. For that reason, when I got an agreement from Leicester Cathedral for a rosary to be buried with Richard III I chose a quite large, black wooden rosary which I bought years ago, when I was a student at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich. Then I had the cross and the central link replaced by George Easton (who made Richard III’s funeral crown for me too). George copied the Clare Cross for me, to replace the original crucifix, and he also made an enamelled white rose (like the ones he made for Richard’s crown) to replace the central link. A white rose is the symbol of the house of York, of course, but it’s also a symbol of the Virgin Mary, who is at the centre of the prayers of the rosary.’ “



  1. That was very moving, thank you for not being defeated by the url being difficult.

    What were Leicester University and Leicester Cathedral thinking??? Was the Cathedral coming over all Protestant?

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  2. We have so much to thank John Ashdown-Hill for. Throughout his life he was a true advocate for Richard lll, and without him, it’s possible we would still not know the whereabouts of Richard’s remains. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication John, (and I like to think of you as now having all your questions answered by the man himself.)

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  3. I would like to agree with the comments above, without John we would never have found King Richard let alone identified his remains. Thank you John. Loyaulte me lie.


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