Richard was a brave, educated and progressive monarch….

Richard from Shropshire Star
from Shropshire Star

Peter Rhodes, who wrote this article for the Shropshire Star, is favourable toward Richard III. So I’m favourable toward Peter Rhodes. Of course!

“….AND off to Bosworth Battlefield for a glorious sunny day in a strikingly pretty corner of Leicestershire. Here in 1485 our last Plantagenet king, Richard III, was slain by Henry Tudor’s soldiers, stripped, chucked on the back of a horse and carried off to Leicester where they buried him in a car park. If you believe Shakespeare, Richard was a malevolent hunchbacked thug who murdered all and sundry, including the “Princes in the Tower”. But Shakespeare was a blatant spin-doctor for the Tudors. Most scholars now accept that Richard was a brave, educated and progressive monarch whose claim to the throne was stronger than the Welshman Henry Tudor’s….”



  1. Who *didn’t* have a stronger claim to the throne than that descendant of two bastard lines?

    This is why AU stories about Richard are so appealing … the history is too bloody depressing.


  2. It seems that trth and justice are starting to come to light. The truth is daughter of time but it can’t be hidden forever. Our Richard will finally have his place in history and not as the murderer of his nephews but as an anointed King of England with a legittimate claim to the throne and too brave and just to be accepted at his time. What cannot be changed is that H Tudor was and always will be a bastard and usurper and he didn’t conquer anything. The conquest is not stealing and betraying but fighting bravely as Richard did and died as a hero.


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