Richard III lived in Dockray Hall, Penrith….?

Well, I wasn’t expecting Dockray Hall to be a pub, that’s for sure. In my mind, the name conjured a moated manor house in its own grounds. But looking at the photograph, the original medieval property is clear to see. Mind you, I think that if Richard really lived in all the places he is said to have occupied, he’d have needed to be older than thirty-two when he died. That’s even accounting for his time as Duke of Gloucester. Maybe he stayed in them for a while, but not actually lived. But such a historic building is bound to set the piggy banks rattling.

I’m put in mind of the monarchs who are said to have slept in a certain bed in a certain room. Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Charles II…they can hardly ever have been awake!







  1. I have no idea if it’s true but the ‘story’ went was that he temporarily stayed there while doing renovations at Penrith Castle.

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  2. There are carvings inside the pub supposedly from Richard’s time…. I’ve got photos of them and they depict Richard, Anne and Richard’s Coat of Arms.


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