Henry V and the tennis balls….?


The above image depicts Henry V receiving a box of tennis balls from the French Dauphin. Right. I know this was supposed to have happened – well, Shakespeare said so – but this doesn’t look like Henry V to me! It looks more like a Tudorised Richard III! Wearing Nora Batty’s wrinkled stockings.

More bah, humbug! A load of balls, in fact.



  1. “That’s never Henry V, he never had that good a hairdo” was my first thought even before I got to your text.

    I see Alamy give no information on the source. The signature says Charles Folkard, and he illustrated The Children’s Shakespeare, so I would guess it’s from that.

    The English leopards on the hanging look less than impressed with the whole thing, too. But then they are cats.

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    1. Cats are the best! I have always lived with them. One of my current ofurlords is master of looking unimpressed/stinkeye, which was why the royal leopards’ expressions caught my attention – it looks so familiar. 😸

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