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Is this narrated by a computer…?

Right, for this little exercise one needs observant ears. Yes, ears. You see, whoever—or whatever—narrates this small video has a very strange way of doing it. His/its diction is oddly mechanical, to say the least and some of the words are barely comprehensible. Yet it is English, I’m sure of that!

Apart from the above, the whole thing is very boring. And I say that as one very interested in John Holand, 1st Duke of Exeter . If you listen to the end, you’ll deserve a medal.


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2 thoughts on “Is this narrated by a computer…?

  1. Glenis Brindley on said:

    Definitely a computer generated voice, and done extremely badly. The inflection of words is appalling, hence what sounded like ‘Henry of Bowlingbrick’! It was very hard to listen to and and after that pronunciation I didn’t listen to any more!


  2. Lesley Couch on said:

    Definitely computer generated – and awful! I don’t think I lasted a minute before stopping it! A shame, it could have been interesting.


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