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Was the late Ronnie Barker a Ricardian?

He made something of a habit of referring to Richard’s family. In “The Two Ronnies”: His rhyming slang vicar spoke of “a small brown Richard III” (bird),
The pair did a Shakespeare scene mentioning as many television programmes as they could (eg “…the Tyrannies…” for themselves),
Peter Sellers guested once, impersonating Laurence Olivier as Shakespeare’s Richard, declaiming “A Hard Day’s Night”.
In his 1973 series, “Seven of One”, he created characters including:
The short-sighted removals man CLARENCE Sale
and the lecherous, flamboyant Welsh photographer PLANTAGENET Evans.

Geoffrey Wheeler has consulted Barker’s co-star Josephine Tewson who doesn’t think this was the case. Still, it remains a slight possibility.


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5 thoughts on “I wonder …

  1. David on said:

    Richard III is not rhyming slang for bird.


  2. Glenis Brindley on said:

    Richard the ‘third’ rhymes with ‘bird’. Not the accepted form of rhyming slang, but an example of what Super Blue was trying to say in the article.


  3. viscountessw on said:

    Rhyming slang can be whatever one wants – not just the “official” version.


  4. For rhyming slang to work it has to be an accepted part of the vernacular otherwise it would not be understood. It is not semantics but common humour, thus, in this case third is not bird.


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